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C Series

Medium-big size presses, with four-column structure (T.125 4C, T.200 4C, T.300 4C, T.400 4C and T.600 4C), and is equipped with a sophisticated electronic control with big display. Equipped with breakdowns research and checking of all the press operations. Moreover it's possible to use the multi-pressing device, i.e. the press can work with multiple different pressings and timers, hydraulic cushion and memory of the working programs. The mobile table with automatic lubrication slides on the four-columns and guarantees a very high degree of precision.

Model T.125 4C / T.200 4C / T.300 4C / T.600 4C

Advantages and Features

  • Certification according the European Safety Rules - CE Mark
  • High Precision, high speed and silent during the working phases
  • Sliding plane on the four columns
  • 7 guiding points
  • Strongness and reliability proved
  • Wide display
  • CNC and Step-by-Step programming
  • Reduced dimensions for a perfect integration in every working place
  • Complete line of all accessories