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EDM Electrodes

We are a reputed company with exclusive products for EDM electrodes. We provide solutions for customer’s challenges. We give an innovative and proactive approach to solutions. We apply new technology, services and materials which will enhance productivity at customers end and also reduce costs.

By locating our self in the centrally located city of Bangalore we serve for entire India. Let us know few facts of the Graphite EDM electrodes what we offer as to Copper

  • It is very easy to machine
  • The Thermal Co –efficient of expansion of Graphite is 2 – 3 times lesser than copper which will ensure accuracy in die, tool and moulds application.
  • As Graphite does not melt so the electrode wear is very minimal unlike copper.
  • Density of Graphite is 4 – 5 times lesser than copper, which saves money in weight as well results in lighter electrodes.

But EDM electrodes choosing are very important whilst doing sinker EDM. Some factors to be chosen are some materials will erode the material efficiently but wear of electrodes are great and some trials will have slow erosion but will have slow wear. Factors others include as below

  • Cost of electrode material
  • Ease in making electrode
  • Finish required
  • Electrode wear amount
  • Requirement of electrodes in nos like roughing and finishing.
  • Types of electrode suited for work
  • The metal flushing holes required for the electrode

Materials to choose for EDMing

  • For low melting point of alloys pls choose use metallic electrodes
  • For high melting point alloys like steel always use Graphite electrodes.

Advantages of Isostatic Graphite Electrodes

  • Graphite electrodes takes less time to erode the metal and also results in lesser wear of material.
  • The tools used to machine graphite use very simple milling and turning tools.
  • Graphite electrodes results good surface finishes on dies and also complex parts can produced by this method
  • Going by right Grades prescribed by our experts Graphite cuts metal 3 times faster than copper.
Isostatic Graphite Electrodes
Graphite Electrodes
Isostatic Electrodes