Neutralization Tower For Fumes Model Tnf-100

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Neutralization Tower For Fumes Model Tnf 100 For Tumbler Tb 2

The tower is used to neutralize acid. It is built out of PP-H plastic. A spray nozzle is installed inside the fume tower to spray a 700 mm thick layer of raschig rings.

Solution container is placed beneath the tower, in order to avoid drop dragging a droplet separator has been placed upstream to the sprayer.
The solution circulation pump has a maximum capacity of 50 l/min. The suction fan has a max. capacity of 200 m3/h.

Technical Data

Power Supply Three phase
Power 0.25 kW
Overall Dimensions 1000 x 800 x 2300 mm (LxWxH)
Load less weight 55 kg
Working weight 180 kg
Capacity 200 m³ / h with 2.5s contact time
Product Description Unit Price Qt Total Price
TNF 100 Neutralization tower TNF100, for TB2, capacity 200m3/h INR.5,27,250 1 5,27,250