Tumbler Refining Unit Mode Tb2

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Description of the unit

This gold refining tumbler is a new technology compared to the glass static refining plants. This refining unit consists of one PP-H tumbler with a total volume of about 21 liters, inclined to 27° and rotated by a motor, with the possibility to adjust the rotation speed.

Thanks rotation forces from the tumbler, the gold grains continuously rub against each other and remove the silver chloride. This procedure reduces the complete dissolution time. Inside the tumbler hood is a Schott borosilicate glass 3.3 condenser to condense the acid fumes reducing their volume.
The advantage of this construction is that we need a smaller fume scrubber. The transfer of the acid from the storage tanks is made by vacuum. This process can work without permanent supervision.
The maximum daily quantity to be refine every 4-8 hours is 2,5 kg of gold grains/chips with a final gold purity of 999,5/1000 (minimum). With this rotating gold refining system it is easy to refine gold grains, casting scraps and precious ashes.


  • 1 PP-H tumbler with a total volume of about 21 liters
  • 2 Graduated Schott borosilicate glass tanks for HCl and HNO3
  • 1 Filter units with a compressed air diaphragm pump to transfer the solutions
  • 35 liters precipitation unit

Technical Data

Power Supply Three phase
Power 0.3 kW
Overall Dimensions 1100 x 600 x 1000 mm(LxWxH)
Weight 80 kg
Product Description Unit Price Qt Total Price
TB2 Tumbler refining unit capacity 2.5kg INR.1610250 1 16,10,250
Redox-pH Kit Kit for REDOX-pH measure INR.70750 1 70,750
Filter Paper Filter paper diam. 300mm INR 55 500 27,500
Methabisulphite Methabisulphite, Ler kg INR. 170 200 34,000