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Ultrasonic is sound generated above human audible level. In real life, high pitch sound is created by high frequency, and alternatively, the low and base tone is created by low frequency. Frequencies above 16 kHz in general are being considered as ultrasonic. Typical ultrasonic frequencies used for cleaning purpose are from 20 kHz to 80 kHz. High Power Transducer for Superior Cleaning Results Large Tank Capacity for Professional Cleaning Isolated-Circuit Design, Keep Water Away for Enhanced Safety First Ultrasonic Cleaner to Introduce Cooling Fan for Prolonged Operation.

ultrasonic sound machine manufacturer
ultrasonic sound machine manufacturer
ultrasonic sound machine manufacturer

Technical Data

DEL-UC3 DEL-UC5 DEL-4800 DEL-4820
Tank Size (L x W x H) 240 X 140 X 100 mm 240 X 140 X 150 mm 230 X 180 X 160 mm 206 X 265 X 135 mm
Volume (L) 3 5 1.4 2.6
Frequency 40 KHz 40 KHz 50 KHz 60 KHz
Power (W) 120 120 60 160
Temperature - - 40°C 40°C
Timer (MIN) 1-600 1-1600 5 Cycles 5 Cycles
Steel Frame Part Yes Yes No No
Drain - - No No