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Truck Scale

weigh-bridge For support on a reinforced concrete or asphalt platform

WD7810 Truck scale combines the proven design of our weighbridge with Cost-effective analog load cells to deliver excellent value at an affordable Price. It is ideal for applications with low-to-moderate traffic where vehicles conform to legal highway load limits. The orthotropic design has proven its durability over years of use in applications.

Indicator Function

  • AC/DC power supply, standard chargeable battery
  • Graphics LCD display
  • Able to setup zero-tracking range, zero(auto/manual) range
  • Adjustable capacity & accuracy.
  • Adjustable Calibration weight.
  • Able to save 30,000 weighing records consisting of truck ID and corresponding tare weight.
  • Able to print across and upright weighing bill
  • Able to print different statistical reports
  • Standard RS232 communication interface(RS422/RS485 optional)
  • Standard scoreboard interface with current loop
  • Standard parallel print interface
  • Able to connect assigned thermal printer
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